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Bespoke Consulting

At CHRYL Global Ventures PL, we provide bespoke consulting services for leaders and their businesses within and beyond Singapore. Specifically, we provide education advisory, business services, training and organisation development. We offer solutions to equip leaders to overcome various business risks, succession and sustainability issues. Business leaders from overseas who want to understand the education and training landscapes can also find what they are looking for through us.

Our Services

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Who are We?

Dr Gary specializes in education and people development. With more than two decades in education and technology adoption in leadership capacities, as well as 4 years as a business consultant, Dr Gary works with a team of partners and associates to bring solutions in support of clients' business growth. Dr Gary has actively applied Systems Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, People and Organisational Excellence practices in the organisations he had led. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration based on his research on distributed leadership and its impact on staff engagement. He also holds a Masters Degree based on his research on technology adoption in schools. His mission is to engage business leaders to think more deeply about their strategic positioning and growth as well as to provide them relevant solutions for growth.

Dr. Dae specializes in organization development and culture design. Driven by a deep passion for understanding human behavior, he immerses himself in diverse environments and cultures, extracting invaluable insights to understand what makes people choose to change. As an entrepreneur, usability designer, and former United Nations military personnel, he brings a unique perspective to his work. Armed with a Ph.D. in Organization Development and Planning, Dr. Dae shares his expertise through his consulting practice, discussions, transformative workshops, and designing learning programs. His mission is to empower individuals to craft environments that foster continuous growth and development.


Driving Innovation

CHRYL Global Ventures PL believes in partnerships, not transactions. With this approach, CHRYL Global Ventures PL works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get the proper tools and strategies for growth that their business needs.

Client 7

Singapore Government Agency

Valued Client

Agency had a leadership succession concern which led to discussion on how to build and gel a core team from current manpower. After extensive discussions with top leadership and potential second liners, consultancy culminate in a workshop and a follow-up session to put together strategic plans for the organisation that engaged 100% of leaders and second-liners. Addressing the needs of second-liner commitment and participation in the organisational development exercise in 2022.

Client 8

Singapore Computer Society

Creative Synergy

Over past years, we have been part of the organisation's annual competition to bring out the innovative energies of the young. Participants attended two key workshops designed to facilitate out-of-the-box ideas and give teams a differentiating edge.

Client 2

KinderWorld Education Group

Building the Future of Education

Education is about shaping the future. Developing leaders and strategic thinking relating to education are key initiatives that complemented the top leadership's vision in cutting-edge STEM education.


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