Volitional & Behavioural Coaching

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Humans are like onions. We wear many layers of skin around us. We put on many layers of make-up so much that we might sometimes confuse our projected exterior as our true self. The people around us are likewise confused. And we walk around feeling downright uncomfortable under our own skin.

It is not enough to condition or train leaders to perform externally in ways to show they can excel. We must also align with what makes us a leader from within. Some folks call it the inner voice of leadership. We provide both kinds of coaching and development to create a balance between the inner leader within and the external behaviours we expect to see.

Volitional coaching seeks to draw out the real purpose and motivation of leadership as a starting point for personal growth as a leader. In the course of my leadership journey, one of the most powerful driving force is self discovery. Knowing who I am and what values or beliefs drive me has helped me to navigate through many personal decisions in leadership. About 16 years ago, a course on leading from within led me to realise that I wanted to serve as a school leader because I saw myself creating impact as an organisational leader in education which was one of the most meaningful purpose in my life. About three years ago, my rediscovery of my Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) profile helped me realise that I should soon make use of experience in leadership in business ventures. This desire to break free into global ventures from safe haven of civil service was confirmed while I was being coached by fellow coaches - one an experienced HR director while another an entrepreneur.

We have also established the complementary pathway of behaviour coaching common in executive coaching practices. We have adopted the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching process which is brilliant as a results-focused effort to help executives and leaders improve their skills in engaging their stakeholders. While this is an outside-in approach, we bring our decades of experience as leaders to customise the learning to include skills and realisations of a volitional nature. This allows our process to go to the heart of motivation - what gets a leader to wake up and spring into action!

The central reason for disengagement in the workforce today is that many leaders and managers do not feel a sense of volition. Change around them has caused so much disruptions that they may have lost their original purpose of work and leadership. Some may not even have the time or opportunity to learn how to discover their own passion to lead. Many go to work, few get up to fulfil their dreams and destiny. We hope to help organisations and individuals change that.

Contact me at gary.tsu@chrylglobal.com now for a brief of how I can help you or your team get the volition and drive to get up and go!

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