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SCALE your business with Technology

During this Covid-19 crisis many of the businesses are trying to transform to stay afloat or seize the opportunity to scale. If you are one of them, here are some thoughts and suggestions which can help you.

The rapid development of the current contagion from January to March 2020 has caught many businesses unprepared for the change they must now embrace. As a SME (Small-and-medium enterprise), quick way to consider how technology can turn your business around is to focus on SCALE capabilities of technology to help you to transform both your front and back of the house. The front-end will include how you keep in touch with your customers, improve your processes, manage your resources as well as people. The back-end of these include the sales channels, service delivery, production processes as well as the very way you make day to day decisions.

So here are some possibilities and suggested solutions that you can explore to begin with. If you need more ideas or better ones, do reach out to me at as I would love to hear from you and see how I can help.

Epitome (previously known as CXS International) has been helping large organisations including governments make decisions through data analytics and dashboards. Their solutions allow management to gather actionable insights so that they know they are solving the right problems or making the better decisions strategically. What data or insights are you using to make your decisions?

WECOFA is a lead generation expert which is able to help businesses reach out to the right target audience on social media. While most of us think we know social media and can play the game of generating leads with paid marketing, these guys actually gather their insights from deep sources and help their clients arrange the right kinds of strategic marketing efforts allowing money bang for the buck! Are you using the right methods to get to people your products are meant to reach?

Noodle Factory does not make noodles. They mess with the brains. More accurately, they use AI chatbots to automate the processes of educating your clients. Otherwise, you will need a dedicated helpdesk or instructor to repeat some of the frequently asked questions. What's intelligent is that you do not need much of your own effort to teach or train this AI. It is almost capable of teaching itself. That saves you time and effort and get your job done so you can do more high value work.

Gnowbe is a powerful microlearning platform that is built from the mobile mindset. Your team make need to get to work quickly to help save your business or your clients. But you have a daily brief or an important SOP (standard operational procedures) to convey. Or your team really needed to learn how to use a particularly equipment fast. Microlearning is the concept where learning is in small chunks of 10 minutes each. Since it is entirely mobile-native, your instructional design will be based on learning with the mobile phones on the go. Quick and simple!

Pulse Fusion is a technology solutioning company with regional footprint. They provide IT helpdesk as well as consultancy to help businesses solve urgent as well as critical problems. What is less critical than ensuring you work efficiently in the current state. Using their suite of solutions, they can advise you to turn up the profitability of the technology processes so that your team can do their work better.

So there you have it. A simple way to see how technology can transform your business during Covid-19 and beyond. If you need more, contact me at We can help you find the best way forward.


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