How to SPEED up our business?

The 4SPEED Framework is inspired by my reading of Dr Raman Attri's book Speed Matters.

This is the book I am referring to which contains Dr Raman's extensive research on Speed of Performance.

Dr Raman's book has convinced me that you cannot be good enough for the market if you are not able to optimize your processes to deliver value fast enough. So I used my experience as a leader and consultant to stitch together a framework of how we can help organizations achieve SPEED.

The 4SPEED framework comprises of four different levels of consideration:

  1. Enterprise Advisory - This is a facilitative process to study the business or organization.

  2. Executive Assessment - This comprises the review at the strategic level.

  3. Execution Analysis - This level look at the various ingredients and actual data of production.

  4. Excellence Alignment - This level looks at the actual deliverables to check if desired experience has been achieved.

Different businesses and organizations have different indicators or matrices to measure these different parts. The important thing is to see if all these parts work together to achieve the systemic outcomes the business or organization sets out to achieve.

A leader can consider the first cylinder of Situation, Strategy, Supplies and Service (Row 1) as an overview of the state of the business or organization.

The second cylinder (row) of Problem, Purpose, Performance and Process as a review of the conceptual flow of how the problem can be due to issues related to these three Ps.

The third cylinder (row) is about people. The fourth is about operations and collective motivation toward efficiency first before effectiveness. By the last cylinder (Row 5), we should be quite clear about the decisions we need to make to achieve the drive, the data we need to monitor and set out the revised direction of the business or organization.

In future posts, I will try to provide more details of these ideas.

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