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The Cambridge Dictionary online define 'volition' as 'the power to make your own decision'.

Volition - an indomitable will

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Gandhi

I was really surprised to find that most people I have met have not heard of this word - Volition. It was the first word I learnt when I went through the online course on Neural Linguistic Programming. In normal ICF coaching, we learnt it as client taking ownership.

Dream versus Plan

Perhaps about two decades ago, someone circulated a comparison between the Singaporean Dream versus the Singaporean Plan. Most of us live in the latter. We complete school to fit into the pigeon holes of careers we were told were suitable for us. We learnt how others chose their course in life and we just followed. Whenever I asked students as a principal what they dream of themselves to be or do, few would have an idea. Most stared into space wondering why this question was even important. We don't teach students to dream because our culture is too pragmatic. Through our daily conversations, we practice pragmatism. After all we are told, life is about contributing to society almost immediately. There is no time to ask the crucial question of who we are and what we stand for.

What defines you

What defines you as a person is not the life you were born in to, but what you made of it. - Shahid Kapoor

Volition is the exercise of your will to define who you are and who you want to be. As an educator, I spent the large part of my working life defining who I am as a leader - someone who values people even though I am naturally a task oriented person. There is no doubt that our beliefs about ourselves and what should be will drive our volition or the lack of it. For many, the culture they live in as well as the beliefs or mental models they wired themselves to be trapped them into thinking they have no permission to dream. Or that dreams are seldom realistic. So we live semi-fulfilled lives as leaders. We find ourselves conflicted as leaders do things we have problems convincing ourselves to do. Authentic leadership becomes just theory and we define ourselves by the achievements rather than the dreams we are pursuing. That is why volition is almost unheard of.

Get Inspired

Coaching unlocks the little innate call within us to acknowledge our dreams or hopes. i helped clients discover their true self, often with the use of the comprehensive interpretive Myers Brigg Type Indicator report. I coached clients to examine their values. I set the stage for each of these leaders to consider their volition. What do you want to choose if you can have your way. Invariably, a leader that engages his or her leadership voice, as Stephen Covey calls it, will unlock powerful source of energy to realise their mission in life.

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