Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning


Dr Gary Tsu

Gary has been in leadership for more than two decades at the Ministry of Education in Singapore. He
was one of the pioneer group of trainers and consultants that helped educators and schools to begin
the national effort to infuse technology into instruction. As a pioneer in the use of internet for
learning and training, he facilitated online learning groups as well as system-wide application of
technology to learning. Gary is also a Certified Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach.

About the course

Topics covered include
Overview of Strategic Planning
 Environmental Scan
 Mission, Vision and Values
 Strategic Thrusts
 SMART Goals
 Resource Planning
 Checking for Alignment
 Indicators and Monitoring
 Planning for Communications

Both standard workshops of 4 hours (2 + 2) or customised sessions are available.

The module can be offered as part of a consultancy engagement with the option of EDG funding if the company meets the requirement of enterprise development grant.

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